About Hamko cookware

about HaMko cookware

Welcome to HAMKO Industries Ltd, a family company of HAMKO Group Bangladesh. Founded in 1979, HAMKO Group is a leading producer of Automotive & Industrial Batteries, Plastic Houseware & Furniture, Electric & Electronics Products, Footwear & Accessories and many other products in Bangladesh. In 2016 HAMKO Group expanded its product lines to cookware items for home & professional cooking.

Our Cookware product line includes various types of Aluminium & Stainless Steel products for convenient & enjoyable cooking experience. We manufacture highly durable & world class cookware products includes: Fry Pans, Sauce Pans, Tawas, Pressure Cooker, Cooking Pots & Cookware Sets available in high performance Non-stick coated Aluminium and also in Stainless Steel.

We would like to thank you for having your trust with us since 1979.

Enjoy the pleasure & luxury of cooking with HAMKO Cookware.